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Are entrepreneurs destined or nurtured to start businesses?

Can entrepreneurism be taught? A new Babson College study on what influences startup business owners says it can.

on June 30, 2011
Medical Devices Center Innovation Fellows program expands to bring in more innovators

The Medical Devices Center Innovation Fellows program at the University of Minnesota is expanding to bring in twice as many professionals. Program participants work to create new innovations in healthcare.

on June 29, 2011
J & J stent story highlights need for innovation

Earlier this month, Johnson & Johnson pulled out of the heart stent market amid struggling sales of its products. Read more on how this move reveals the need for continuous innovation in the healthcare business landscape.

on June 28, 2011
Healthcare stocks shine in lousy economy

Healthcare stocks are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to a tough economy – at least, that’s the opinion of one investment guru.

on June, 27, 2011
Help for healthcare entrepreneurs coming via StartUp Health

A former Time Warner CEO is headlining a major effort to bring more resources, financial and otherwise, to healthcare entrepreneurs.

on June 24, 2011
Medical Industry Valuation Laboratory finds success in U.S., goes global

A Medical Industry Valuation Laboratory is becoming known beyond Minnesota, even in China. Using a multi-faceted approach, the lab evaluates medical technologies and determines whether they should be commercialized.

on June 23, 2011
Weak IPO market could derail healthcare business funding

It’s no secret that the economy is in sickbay. But healthcare entrepreneurs looking for a big transfusion of cash shouldn’t look to an initial public offering.

on June 22, 2011
Startup company sees promise for its technology in healthcare

A startup company with a new way to make nanofibers sees many potential applications in the medical business. Xanofi has the technology to make strides in several industries, including the healthcare business.

on June 21, 2011
Effects of healthcare reform repeal likely minimal

Even if legal attempts to derail the US healthcare reform bill were successful, it wouldn’t really matter.

on June 20, 2011
Healthcare firms need more transparency sharing clinical data, study says

With healthcare reform on the way, business and technology associations are looking for more transparency between healthcare entities. But are they finding it?

on June 17, 2011