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How to name a medical technology startup (hint: add beer)

What's in a name? Read one medical business and marketing consultant's take on the conflicting demands of naming medical technology and medical device startups.

on June 16, 2011
How healthcare startups can snag big business execs

To attract big talent, healthcare business owners need to think big. Here are some ways to get the best high-level hires for medical device startups and other young companies.

on June 15, 2011
Can your company capitalize on the growing healthcare market?

A new report says healthcare spending will make up 20 percent of the U.S. economy by 2019. Read more on what kind of companies can take advantage of the growing healthcare business market.

on June 14, 2011
Colleges Picking Up Slack on Spotlighting Young Healthcare Entrepreneurs

The most promising incubators for young healthcare entrepreneurs are U.S. colleges and universities. Case in point? Wake Forest and its “Business Elevator” competition.

on June 13, 2011
StartUp Health to help entrepreneurs tap into resources

Medical device startups and other new healthcare businesses can benefit from StartUp Health, a strategic initiative to connect entrepreneurs with resources.

on June 10, 2011
How to protect your idea for a new medical device

Creators of new innovative medical devices need to know how to protect their ideas. Read more for tips on the best ways to do this.

on June 9, 2011
Key to making money? Treat finance without fear.

Two leading academics are out with a new book that says the key to making money for new business owners is this: your financial statements are your friends.

on June 8, 2011
Medical business uses technology to fight counterfeit drug problem

A North Carolina startup is taking on the problem of counterfeit drugs. The company’s technology embeds a tiny tag into the medicine itself that allows for identification and authentication to fight fraudulent pharmaceuticals.

on June 7, 2011
Embrace capitalism, says Whole Foods CEO

In the classic sense, Whole Foods isn’t a traditional healthcare company, nor a conventional one. But maybe that’s why it’s so successful, CEO John Mackey says.

on June 6, 2011
Small medical device companies find 510(k) review process lengthy, study finds

Medical device startups and other small medical device makers surveyed are finding the FDA’s 510(k) review process to be a long, bumpy ride. Review times for smaller companies are nearly double those of larger companies.

on June 3, 2011