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Lessons from a young biotech leader

A young biotech leader is sharing lessons learned about launching a startup. Read more about her take on intellectual property, funding and other topics.

on August 24, 2012
How to build a great startup team

Hiring a team for your startup should begin with a core team of three people and build from there. Read more about a strategy for building your team.

on August 23, 2012
Venture capital deals drop for life sciences sector in second quarter

Venture capital funding declined in the second quarter for the life sciences sector. Read more about how medical device startups and biotech companies fared.

on August 21, 2012
Understanding a venture capitalists process

Securing venture capital can be a guessing game of trying to decide whether an investment will come through or not. Read about how you can work to get a positive answer and how you can tell if the answer may be a negative one.

on August 16, 2012
Medical device startups must show products economic value

Medical device startups must demonstrate a product's economic value as well as its clinical usefulness, say industry leaders. Read more about their advice for new healthcare businesses.

on August 15, 2012
Universities get creative with technology commercialization

Universities are finding innovative ways to commercialize technology with startup incubators, partnerships and other avenues. Read more about university technology transfer.

on August 14, 2012
A financial model that attracts investors

Attracting life science investors and keeping their interest requires being able to show them what it costs to run your business. Read more for tips on what should be in your financial model.

on August 09, 2012
Creating a business model that works

Creating a successful business model is just a first step. The real work begins when the business model is tested and adapted for the real world. Read more for tips.

on August 08, 2012
Partnering with foundations for clinical trials

Life science startups are finding partners lately in organizations that fight specific diseases. Read more about how these groups can help with financing and managing clinical trials.

on August 07, 2012
Startup incubator pros and cons

Should you use a business incubator to launch your startup? Read more about the benefits and drawbacks of using a startup incubator and decide if it's right for you.

on August 02, 2012