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Healthcare startups turn to SBIR grants to fill funding gap

Government funds are available for companies researching and developing medical products. Read about how Small Business Innovation Research grants are a great source of non-dilutive funding for new healthcare businesses.

on April 26, 2012
An alternative to fast failure in medical device innovation

In medical device development, challenging weaknesses early in the process can help an entrepreneur zero in on problem areas. Read more about this twist on the idea of fast failure.

on April 25, 2012
Data is key to bringing down healthcare cost curve says new Kauffman report

Data sharing can bring down healthcare costs, says a new Kauffman Foundation report. Read about open access to medical data.

on April 23, 2012
Making the leap from physician to entrepreneur

Physician entrepreneur Dr. Jen Dyer talks about the similarities and differences between running a healthcare business and being an academic researcher.

on April 19, 2012
Venture capital investments in healthcare drop to five quarter low

Healthcare investing by venture capitalists dropped to its lowest level in five quarters, but the decrease follows a five-quarter high. Read more for details.

on April 18, 2012
Building medical device to address global health issues

Making medical devices to solve global health problems can be tougher yet more rewarding than building medical devices for more advanced countries. Read more about how companies can serve both markets.

on April 17, 2012
Kauffman Life Science Ventures Summit to guide startup owners

Healthcare business plans and business models are among the topics for discussion at the Kauffman Life Science Ventures Summit in June. Read more about this opportunity for life science entrepreneurs.

on April 14, 2012
Who gets the title founder in your healthcare startup

The title of founder should be given to one person in a startup if possible, or to multiple people with equal equity in the company, says entrepreneur Jay Adelson.

on April 12, 2012
What nanotechnology startups need to know to attract investors

Nanotechnology startups are competing for investment dollars, but those who have a strong management team and can meet a market need will stand out. Read more tips on getting nanotech investments.

on April 11, 2012
What venture capitalists want to see in personalized medicine companies

Venture capital investments are in high demand, but some personalized medicine companies succeed in securing dollars. Read more for tips on what venture capitalists want to see in a personalized medicine company before investing in it.

on April 10, 2012