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Successful mobile health apps need simple searchable product pages

on February 09, 2012

The global market for mobile health apps is expected to double this year. That fact alone means that digital health companies will have to work even smarter, as standing out among the clutter in the already crowded market for iPhone, iPad and Android apps becomes an even bigger challenge.

One critical step in ensuring an app’s success, especially early on, is developing a solid product page in the app store, says Tom Emrich of App-Promo, a Toronto public relations and marketing firm specializing in app development.

Often, mobile health and other app developers consider the product page in the app store just another checklist item and rush through its creation. That’s a huge mistake, because it’s “the one place, no matter what marketing strategies you employ, that your user will get back to to download your application,” he said in this video interview from the Android Developers Conference.

To leverage the product page as a marketing opportunity, developers should first take note of the pages of competing apps, and then create a simple icon and name that reminisces about what the app does. Next comes the product description, which is important in both explaining the app’s value proposition and making the page appear in appropriate searches. You should focus on the first 170 to 400 characters of the description, Emrich said, including keywords for search – such as what condition your app treats or prevents – and the app’s functionalities.

Finally, spend some time eliciting reviews and ratings from users, either by building a mechanism within the app or leveraging social networks. Then, revisit the product description to incorporate some of that feedback from reviews and ratings.

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