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Top San Diego entrepreneur weighs in on future of healthcare

on August 21, 2013

Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs believes cell phones and telecommunications will play a major role in the future of healthcare. The most successful entrepreneur out of San Diego, he recently explained his thoughts on the future of healthcare during an interview with ID8 Nation. Qualcomm revolutionized the cell phone industry with tracking devices, QChat and more innovative software.

"I think the next major industry here in San Diego is going to be telemedicine," Jacobs said. "The ability to have different sensors that can monitor different aspects of your health, and send some of that information to your cell phone. We're making significant progress towards making medicine personalized." Jacobs thinks the cell phone will revolutionize healthcare and power San Diego's entrepreneurial ecosystem. The accessibility and technological advances of cell phones are what make it a promising factor in healthcare innovation.

A combination of biotechnology, communication advances and universities producing well-educated graduates will lead to a rise in telecommunication within the healthcare industry, according to Jacobs. "Without a good firm education, it is hard to start a company that is going to do something innovative," said Jacobs. "You need people that are thoughtful, but also well-trained, so education is a key." When asked if entrepreneurship could be taught, Jacobs answered, "to a small extent, but it is more of an attitude of being open to new approaches."

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