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Focus on product simplicity is perfect springboard for marketing

on November 19, 2013

Building on a simple idea can be the most important thing for a company in the long run. A focus on a simplified solution and a diverse marketing plan were two key things that set Smart Monitor on a successful path.

Before founding Smart Monitor, Anoo Nathan was a co-founder of a video analytics startup. A recurring theme of people wanting video monitors for their loved ones with epilepsy inspired Nathan to launch Smart Monitor. But after some clinical trials, Nathan and her team learned that the video concept had too many complications making it difficult for consumers to use.

"Focus on market adoption, keep it simple," said Nathan. "You can never overemphasize simplicity. Stay focused on the problem and see what the customer can open and use. For mass marketing adoption, simplicity is a must."

After developing the wearable device SmartWatch for those with epilepsy, the company spread the word on the innovation through a marketing plan tailored toward patients, physicians and nonprofit groups.

"I don’t think we can choose one over the other; we needed to consider the entire environment to succeed in this marketplace," said Nathan. "Involve the end customer, the nonprofit organization and engage with the clinicians in the medical community."

Nonprofit organizations are sometimes overlooked by startups trying to raise awareness for their products. But Nathan said there are many opportunities for startups and nonprofits to have a mutually beneficial relationship.

"There are several nonprofits that are engaged with their membership, so we work with them to help spread the word," Nathan said. "We do free webinars, interviews and join in co-marketing efforts. At the end of the day we are here to address and solve a problem, so giving back to the community is high on our priority list also."

Other insights from Nathan:

On social media - Consumer feedback played an important role in the fifth and current version of SmartWatch, and social media is a key source for feedback. "We really stepped up social media presence lately since Q2," said Nathan. "We believe in being very engaged with the community we serve."

On wearable tech form - SmartWatch was one of the first in the wearable healthcare innovation market, and Nathan felt the "look" of the product determined its success just as much as the usability. "We wanted something that is socially acceptable," she said. "It needs to be light, small and not look like a medical device."

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