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How do I pilot my early-stage venture?

on February 24, 2014

As part of the Kauffman-sponsored Energizing Health Collaboration Series, we've turned over eMed to Guest Editor Zen Chu, the chief architect for the Boston leg of the collaboration conference and an entrepreneur in residence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Here's Zen's latest contribution in his role as eMed Guest Editor.

How do I pilot my early-stage venture?

Healthcare entrepreneurs need to pilot their product or service to test their prototype before a larger launch. One of the best ways to pilot an early-stage venture is to partner with innovative medical centers looking to pilot external startups. Examples include the BWH Innovation Hub and Pilot Health Tech NYC.

Once your pilot has landed, there are a couple of keys to making it a success:

  • Identify a clinical champion at your pilot site early.
  • Identify metrics to show the value of your venture and confirm these metrics with your clinical champion to ensure this data is what they were looking for.

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