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Winning participants of Energizing Health: Pittsburgh

on July 08, 2014

As part of the Kauffman-sponsored Energizing Health Collaboration Series, we've turned over eMed to Guest Editor Matt Keener, the chief architect for the Pittsburgh leg of the collaboration conference and a translational clinical neuroscientist. Here's Matt's latest contribution in his role as eMed Guest Editor.

The Energizing Health Collaboration Series is continuing its national road trip, connecting five cities that are leading the next wave of health innovation. The series kicked off in Boston with the Grand Hackfest at MIT's Media Lab and continues Monday with a symposium in Pittsburgh.

Building Bridges: Beyond Patient Engagement will consist of two parts. The first segment will feature talks by thought leaders including Bryan Sivak, Stacey Chang, B.J. Fogg, Amy Cueva, and Ivo Stivoric. The second part is what we call "office hours," one-on-one meetings between select entrepreneurs and key regional stakeholders.

The stakeholders were engaged by our site architects to provide pain points around which patient engagement solutions would be of value. Those needs were presented to the entrepreneurial community via eMed.

A selection committee narrowed the field down to 12 companies whose solutions have the possibility to make a targeted impact:

The invite-only conference takes place this Monday, July 14. We'll keep you updated here on eMed with developments.

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