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How a diverse team leads to better access

on June 03, 2014

Access -- to providers, patients, payers, or anyone who can make a healthcare startup successful -- is a sticking point for many early-stage entrepreneurs. Building a diverse team has helped Medivizor, a startup that provides a personalized digest of state-of-the-art science for people with chronic conditions, find a variety of ways to connect with key stakeholders, said co-founder and CEO Tal Givoly.

Some team members reach out via social media, Givoly said, while others favor face-to-face networking. Seeking access on a variety of fronts helps the team quickly determine the best methods to access stakeholders, he said. "Otherwise you need to serially do all these different experiments," Givoly said. "This way we learn faster what works."

Here are other entrepreneurial insights from Givoly:

Make it easy for users to give feedback -- Medivizor has users in more than 50 countries, Givoly said, so it was important to build a simple feedback mechanism into the service. With just a click, he said, Medivizor users can tell the company whether its service was helpful. "We're trying to deliver only relevant information," Givoly said. "It's letting us know if we're doing the job right." The company also pays attention to what users are sharing via social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. "Their engagement is echoed all the time," Givoly said.

Remember what's important -- "First of all, be a person," Givoly said. At Medivizor, he said, the team respects it partners, clients, subscribers, and each other. One of the company's core values, Givoly added, is "life first." Medivizor's goal is to improve lives, according to the company's website, without "draining the life of all those involved in Medivizor."

Focus on the end result -- It's important to remember that starting a company is a marathon composed of many sprints, Givoly said. "We're trying to transform how people obtain health information," he said. "It's a long-term effort."

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