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How can early-stage entrepreneurs access networks?

on September 01, 2014

How can early-stage entrepreneurs access networks?

At the early- to mid-phase of developing a business, access to networks becomes crucial. The task might seem overwhelming at first. But the effort is worthwhile because the ability to connect with peers - including those a few steps ahead of you in the process - is priceless. Access to networks helps entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes, as well as have the support of a strong network when times are tough.

Now, more than any time in history, there is more access to networks for entrepreneurs than ever, said Unity Stoakes, co-founder of Startup Health. Entrepreneurs can find networking events on a variety of websites, including MedCity News Events Central, Symplur Healthcare Conferences, Practice World, Startup Weekend, Rock Health, Paul Sonnier's Global List of Digital Health and Health Innovation Events, and more. Entrepreneurs can use these events to connect with peers, investors, potential customers, stakeholders, and other players in the life science and digital health ecosystem.

How can entrepreneurs get the most out of networking events, which are often a whirlwind of activities and networking? Stoakes offers these tips:

  • Before the event: Do research on the attendees and schedule connections
  • During the event: Focus on building relationships, learning, and networking
  • After the event: Foster relationships by following up to build long-term connections

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