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Arundhati Parmar

FDA medical device reviewers to undergo training

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been criticized for its reviewers at the Center for Devices and Radiological Health. In response to this, the CDRH will launch a reviewer certification and training program in September.

on August 8, 2011
Medical device startups find a resource in Minneapolis incubator

Medical device startups can benefit from the services offered at the Sister Kenny Research Center in Minneapolis in their quest to commercialize products. Read more to find out what the research center has to offer.

on July 18, 2011
Medical device startup may solve catheter-related infection problem

A healthcare business with a solution to the problem of catheter-related bloodstream infections is preparing to seek regulatory approvals for its product. Read more about this young company’s plans.

on July 1, 2011
Medical Devices Center Innovation Fellows program expands to bring in more innovators

The Medical Devices Center Innovation Fellows program at the University of Minnesota is expanding to bring in twice as many professionals. Program participants work to create new innovations in healthcare.

on June 29, 2011
Medical Industry Valuation Laboratory finds success in U.S., goes global

A Medical Industry Valuation Laboratory is becoming known beyond Minnesota, even in China. Using a multi-faceted approach, the lab evaluates medical technologies and determines whether they should be commercialized.

on June 23, 2011
Can your company capitalize on the growing healthcare market?

A new report says healthcare spending will make up 20 percent of the U.S. economy by 2019. Read more on what kind of companies can take advantage of the growing healthcare business market.

on June 14, 2011
Small medical device companies find 510(k) review process lengthy, study finds

Medical device startups and other small medical device makers surveyed are finding the FDA’s 510(k) review process to be a long, bumpy ride. Review times for smaller companies are nearly double those of larger companies.

on June 3, 2011
Venture capital may not be best for early stage medical business

Early stage medical device startups may be wasting their time looking to venture capitalists for investment, as few of them invest at a very early stage. A medical business may be better off looking at angel investors, strategic partners and others.

on June 1, 2011
Michigan venture fund raises $15 million to invest in lifescience companies

In medical business news, a venture fund in Michigan has raised $15 million for investment in lifescience companies. SWMF LifeScience Venture Fund plans to raise $35 million more. Read more about this lifescience venture fund’s goals.

on May 4, 2011
Medical business seeking funding may have saved investor's life

Steve Kiemele has heard pitches from medical device startups before, but rarely has he been so convinced of a medical device’s merit. A life sciences fund CFO, Kiemele was found to have a high risk of coronary heart disease. Read more to learn about the handheld device that was used and the healthcare business behind it.

on May 3, 2011