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Brandon Glenn

Healthcare venture capital ended 2011 with five quarter high

Healthcare investing saw a five-quarter high at the end of 2011, with medical devices getting the largest number of deals. Read more about the state of healthcare venture capital today.

on January 13, 2012
Venture capitalists to spend more on health IT less on devices this year

Venture capital investing in health IT is expected to increase, while investing in medical devices and biopharmaceuticals drops, according to a recent National Venture Capital Association survey. Read more about why VCs are favoring health IT companies.

on January 03, 2012
Seeking federal funding for your life sciences company

Life sciences startups seeking federal funding can benefit from these quick tips. Read more for ideas on where to look and how to go about it.

on December 14, 2011
Five medical problems ripe for investment

In the healthcare business landscape, there's plenty of healthcare investing happening. However, there are still medical problems that could benefit from more investment. Read more about them.

on November 21, 2011
Life sciences venture deals down in third quarter

The number of life sciences venture deals was down in the third quarter and first-time funding was down as well. Read more about the reasons behind the numbers.

on November 16, 2011
Tips for getting CE Mark

With medical device companies becoming increasingly frustrated with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, many American companies are looking to Europe to get approval there first. Here are some tips to consider before pursuing the CE Mark.

on November 11, 2011
Biotech leader says FDA needs a chief innovation officer

The FDA needs a chief innovation officer to help the agency stay informed about the latest technological advances, says the head of the biotechnology industry's leading trade group. Read more about what he has to say on the FDA and FDA reform.

on October 24, 2011
Healthcare venture capital deals continue downward trend

The number of healthcare venture deals is at its lowest level in at least five quarters, according to a new report. However, healthcare seed investment hit a record high in the same quarter.

on October 17, 2011
Medical device makers must deliver both clinical and economic value

Commercializing a medical device that's clinically superior is not enough in today's economic climate. Medical device companies need to market products that have both clinical and economic value, says the CEO of Medtronic.

on October 13, 2011
Five tips for securing angel investments

Landing an angel investment takes a special approach. Learn from the advice of those who've tried and succeeded at lining up angel investors for their healthcare businesses.

on October 05, 2011