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Brandon Glenn

Are we in a health IT bubble?

Talk of a possible tech bubble, based on high valuations of IT companies, has led to questions about whether a health IT bubble has been created as well. Read more about the signs leading to that speculation.

on September 15, 2011
Quick bacteria-detection testing company to expand

An Ohio medical business specializing in the rapid detection of bacteria will expand its operations to eastern Ohio after the incubator it was using announced plans to close. Read more on NanoLogix and its bacteria detection test kits.

on September 13, 2011
"Market education" challenges novel medical imaging device startup

An Ohio medical device startup has developed a unique, high-resolution imaging product for preclinical biotech research. Now comes the company's biggest challenge yet -market education and commercializing the product.

on September 8, 2011
Microloan fund can give a healthcare business a boost in Northeast Ohio

For medical device startups and biotech companies, a microloan may be what enables them to purchase a new piece of equipment. Read more about a Northeast Ohio microloan fund that recently launched to help small businesses in that area.

on September 6, 2011
Health IT startup has big plans for mobile app

A health IT startup is developing a mobile app that it hopes will improve patients' wellness through diet. Read more to find out about the company's plans.

on September 2, 2011
Heart testing startup sees explosive growth

A young healthcare business enjoying investment and growth in this economy? Yes, it's true. And the test-making company shows no sign of stopping.

on August 24, 2011
Who has the biggest angel investor groups?

The largest angel investor groups can be found in Ohio, California and New York. Read more about these medical business resources.

on August 18, 2011
Life sciences venture funding up in second quarter

Life sciences venture capital investing rose in the second quarter, due in part to increased exit activity. Read more for details on life sciences companies’ deals.

on August 15, 2011
Medical device startup has a more powerful tool to target blood vessel plaque

A medical device startup with a better way to penetrate coronary artery blockages plans to use a Third Frontier grant for human testing of the device, followed by application for FDA clearance.

on August 11, 2011
Healthcare startup investments strong in Minnesota, Ohio

Healthcare startups in Minnesota and Ohio are leading the Midwest in attracting investment dollars this year, but healthcare startup investing for the Midwest as a whole has fallen.

on July 29, 2011