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Chris Seper

Healthy above all Genomic Health CEOs guide to starting a great business

Hiring smart people for a new company is not enough, says Kim Popovits of Genomic Health. Read more about what she thinks is important when growing a company.

on June 22, 2012
Life Science Ventures Summit packed with advice for entrepreneurs

Life science entrepreneurs at the Life Science Ventures Summit are set to gain valuable knowledge this weekend from those in the know. Read more about this event for life science entrepreneurs.

on June 21, 2012
Life science CEOs lose sleep over next hurdle strategic thinking

Life science entrepreneurs give insight into what they are made of by answering one question. Read more about what keeps life science CEOs up at night.

on February 29, 2012
Tips for life science entrepreneurs on making great speeches

Leaders of biotech companies and other life science businesses need to keep their speeches focused and light on the science. Read more about this and other tips for giving great speeches to investors or anyone else.

on January 18, 2012
Why should some medical cities be happy about Occupy Wall Street

New healthcare businesses in some medical cities may benefit from the Occupy Wall Street movement. Read more about how cities in areas without state incentives for investment could be better off in the near future.

on December 19, 2011
Five questions entrepreneurs must answer to get an investment from West Health

How do medical device startups and other new healthcare businesses get investments? They need to know how to answer some key questions, according to the manager of the West Health Investment Fund.

on December 06, 2011
Medical mobile apps to play larger role in patients health if doctors let them

Medical mobile apps will be placing patients in closer touch with their own health data, if doctors are willing to give up that control. That was one of the takeaways from a speaker at the mHealth Summit going on in Washington, D.C.

on December 05, 2011