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Deanna Pogorelc

What to expect during due diligence: One investor's 12 steps

Healthcare investor Lisa Suennen laid out her 12 steps of due diligence at the Energizing Health: Houston event last week and gave entrepreneurs an idea of what to expect as they get to know investors and determine whether they're a good match.

on Oct. 14, 2014
Category:  Growth 
How to tell your digital health startup's story in 3 minutes or less

Communicating the essence of your startup in two, three or even five minutes may seem impossible, but as pitch contests and accelerator demo days continue to multiply, it's an important skill for an entrepreneur to have.

on Oct. 13, 2014
Category:  Growth 
The cardinal rule of due diligence for startups: Don't ever lie

A little exaggeration on your resume could put more than your career at risk if you're an entrepreneur; it could put your company's chances of success on the line.

on Oct. 10, 2014
Category:  Growth 
Lessons from a young biotech leader

A young biotech leader is sharing lessons learned about launching a startup. Read more about her take on intellectual property, funding and other topics.

on August 24, 2012
Universities get creative with technology commercialization

Universities are finding innovative ways to commercialize technology with startup incubators, partnerships and other avenues. Read more about university technology transfer.

on August 14, 2012
Is your digital health startup subject to HIPAA

Is your digital health startup subject to HIPAA regulations? Here's a quick HIPAA overview for startups.

on July 26, 2012
Designing web and mobile solutions that are useful for patients

Creating useful web and mobile health solutions for patients is important at a time when so many consumers are using smartphones to access the web. Read about tips on making your health app a success.

on July 19, 2012
Decoding a term sheet Four important points for entrepreneurs

A term sheet is a complex legal document, but it's important for entrepreneurs to understand these four points when closing deals with investors.

on July 12, 2012
Should entrepreneurs do due diligence on potential investors

When looking for funding, new healthcare businesses should conduct due diligence on potential investors to build the best board of directors possible.

on July 05, 2012
Three ways to look at a startups total addressable market

Determining the total addressable market is an important step for early-stage startups. Here are three ways to do it.

on June 28, 2012