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Deanna Pogorelc

Making the leap from physician to entrepreneur

Physician entrepreneur Dr. Jen Dyer talks about the similarities and differences between running a healthcare business and being an academic researcher.

on April 19, 2012
Who gets the title founder in your healthcare startup

The title of founder should be given to one person in a startup if possible, or to multiple people with equal equity in the company, says entrepreneur Jay Adelson.

on April 12, 2012
Using media coverage to get startups in front of potential customers partners investors

Entrepreneurs launching healthcare startups are great candidates for local and national media coverage if they know the best way to tell their stories. Read tips for media pitches.

on April 10, 2012
Writing a business plan for digital health startups Sketch try fail and learn

Digital health startups should wait to write a business plan until they've explored all of the possible business models and tested out a prototype business model, according to one expert.

on March 29, 2012
Accounting for first time entrepreneur

First-time entrepreneurs can get professional advice from accountants in this video. Topics include accounting basics such as taxes, payroll and financial records.

on March 22, 2012
Entrepreneurs can expect some negativity remorse when selling a small business

For an entrepreneur, selling a small business can be a stressful time. Here's what to expect, including disapproval from others and seller's remorse.

on March 08, 2012
Six business plan mistakes that will irk venture capitalists

Read advice from a venture capitalist on how to write a business plan and avoid common mistakes in a medical business plan.

on March 01, 2012
Could your new healthcare business benefit from convertible debt

Convertible debt is a fundraising mechanism used in any stage of a new healthcare business, but it may be especially appealing in the early stages.

on February 23, 2012
Virtual clinical trials could soon be an option for pharma biotech companies

Pfizer Inc. is testing a pilot of a virtual clinical trial program that could be of interest to medical device startups and young pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

on February 16, 2012
Successful mobile health apps need simple searchable product pages

Designing successful mobile health apps is becoming more challenging with the growth of the digital health market. Read about mobile health marketing.

on February 09, 2012