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Deanna Pogorelc

Growing your healthcare business by creating an internship program

Building a workforce for a healthcare business can be tough for entrepreneurs on a tight budget. Read about creating an internship program in a small business.

on February 02, 2012
Balance expertise crucial in forming a board of directors

Having a balanced and knowledgeable board of directors is crucial for new healthcare businesses. Here's advice on forming a board of directors.

on January 26, 2012
Business models shift as health goes digital

As digital health grows, healthcare business models are changing too. Read about healthcare business plans for digital health companies.

on January 25, 2012
Filling the gap in funding for startup life science companies

When it comes to funding for life science companies, it isn't a matter of angel investing versus venture capital. Read about funding sources for startups.

on January 24, 2012
Entrepreneurs tips for designing successful new health apps or devices

At the 2012 Health Innovation Summit, entrepreneurs offered advice to medical companies for designing successful new health apps and devices.

on January 20, 2012
Taking the first steps toward FDA approval for your innovative medical device

Before you create a medical device prototype, you should know which form of FDA approval it will need. Read about the FDA approval process.

on January 19, 2012
Tips on how to win NIH research grants

The National Institutes of Health has billions of dollars designated for biotech research. Read about how to win NIH research grants.

on January 12, 2012
PR for an early stage company When do you need it

Publicity is good for an early-stage company, but you shouldn't be pumping lots of dollars into public relations for your new healthcare business. Read more about the right time to hire a PR agency.

on January 05, 2012
Jobs at startups require canadites with more than a strong resume

Just because an applicant has strong qualifications doesn't mean he's the right employee for you. Read more about establishing the right business culture at your healthcare startup.

on December 29, 2011
When why and how to patent your innovative medical device

A strong intellectual property portfolio is key to your healthcare startup. Read how to go about getting a patent for your innovative medical device.

on December 22, 2011