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Deanna Pogorelc

Opportunities and challenges of expanding in the global life science market

With double-digit growth expected in the life science market outside of the U.S., China or India is a likely place for a medical business to expand. Here's how to deal with third-party intermediaries.

on December 15, 2011
Startup Weekend brings 54 hours of collaboration and innovation to healthcare

Startup Weekend facilitates global entrepreneurship through 54-hour innovation sessions. Now it's turning its eye to creating new healthcare businesses and medical device startups.

on December 12, 2011
How to find investors for your life science startup Advice from angels

Angel investors in the life sciences talk about when, why and how to seek angel funding for your pharmaceutical, mobile and medical device startups.

on December 08, 2011
How do medical device startups meet todays regulatory challenges

What's the best strategy for developing and launching a new medical device? The uncertainty of the regulatory and reimbursement environment in the United States has made venture capitalists wary of investing in new medical device companies, but that doesn't mean all is lost.

on December 01, 2011