Energizing Health Collaboration Series | Goals and Objectives

energizing health collaboration series

   A five-city event series to catalyze collaboration and innovation

The goal for the series is to bring more innovation in the hands of patients by:

  • Providing entrepreneurs access to innovators in the provider, payer, and employer settings within each community
  • Facilitating/accelerating the process by which entrepreneurs and local partners may enter into collaborations by providing tools (Health Collaboration Playbook) and access to peers who have dealt with similar issues including intellectual property, data ownership, data standards, and various attribution models
  • Building in sustainability of the collaborations upfront so that both health outcomes and cost data are captured in way that is credible and replicable to a broad set of stakeholders.

The Kauffman Foundation and Health Data Consortium believe there is a more efficient way for innovation to get to market and seek to catalyze effective collaborations by connecting healthcare innovators.

Within each city, we plan to:

  • Bring together innovators that are interested in solving specific healthcare problems
  • Enable the innovators/entrepreneurs to meet with talented entrepreneurs from across the nation that have complimentary skill sets/technology to solve these important problems
  • Highlight the unique resources and talent available

To measure effectiveness, we plan to:

  • During event: Track the number of key stakeholders that come together and actively participate
  • Post event – 6 months: Track the number of successful collaborations that emerge from each event
  • Post event – 3 years: Collect longitudinal data on what best enables successful collaborations and what hinders them