eMed's 6 to follow in entrepreneurship

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Ryan Amin

Many things can make you a better entrepreneur. But here's one that certainly helps: networking. So every week eMed is going to highlight some healthcare and life science entrepreneurs on twitter you should consider following. This is not an endorsement, but an encouragement. Entrepreneurship is better when everyone joins the conversation. So please join us by following @emedcommunity and participating on eMed at Entrepreneurship.org.

@BizWizKevin: CEO of Johnson Media Inc., a marketing firm; Featured on CNN, Forbes, WSJ, NY Times, Inc., & Oprah Radio; Author of The Entrepreneur Mind http://ow.ly/fqbEi Atlanta, Georgia USA · JohnsonMedia.com

@kabbenbock: Andy Smith is an entrepreneur, startup advisor marketer, brand guy, geek,& metaphor mixologist. Author of The Dragonfly Effect. Past: Intel, Dolby Lafayette, California · andysmith.brandyourself.com

@HealthcareSMMForbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer @GlenGilmore Esq., Past Hospital Bd of Directors LI: http://goo.gl/KlSPW  VIDEO http://youtu.be/6z_JhPStwrw  #HCSM #Pharma NJ, NY, PA ✈ Memphis TN · GlenGilmore.com

@DuflotValeria#HealthIT, #DigitalHealth, #mHealth #personalizedmedicine advocate, #hcsm consultant, passionate about #entrepreneurship #innovation #mentalhealth #brain Bangalore · linkedin.com/in/valeriadufl…

@sanjagauthierWife & Mom, MD, Neuroscientist, Drug developer & Drug Safety doc, Health IT Entrepreneur, #FutureMed #GlobalHealth One Better Gentler More Connected World Chicago, IL · medkohealth.com

@jeberlinCustomer Experience and Engagement enthusiast, Long time SaaS Entrepreneur, Founder Host Analytics, Founder and CEO of JBara· jbarasoftware.com 

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