eMed's 6 to follow in entrepreneurship July 19

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Many things can make you a better entrepreneur. But here's one that certainly helps: networking. So every week eMed is going to highlight some healthcare and life science entrepreneurs on twitter you should consider following. This is not an endorsement, but an encouragement. Entrepreneurship is better when everyone joins the conversation. So please join us by following @emedcommunity and participating on eMed at Entrepreneurship.org.

  • @vincegiorno: Dad of 3; Entrepreneur; Real Estate Investor; Network Marketing Professional; Private Investigator; Ex Cop; More to come. Don't reach for the stars; become one: Toronto · numisnetwork.com/vincegiorno
  • @thibclaes: Coordinator @NEST_up  Entrepreneurship values, curious and open-minded. Interested in web and general news – Addict to breakthrough and Humor!
  • @arieldiaz: A Boston based entrepreneur, revolutionizing learning and education with @goboundless. Boston, MA · ariel-diaz.com
  • @enTREEpreneurz : GirlEnTREEpreneur| Helping Women Entrepreneurs Build An Online Business One Leaf At A Time. CEO|TheTeaTreeOilReview· girlentreepreneur.com
  • @MJasonHouck: Social Media Marketing for your Business, I keep your brand active, consistent and engaging, Live passion, have fun! I support LGBT, NOH8. Let's get SOCIAL! Boone, NC · weighyourmind.com/consulting
  • @thehealthmaven: A disruptive voice for healthcare innovators on BTRadio. Co-Founder AuraViva. Speaker & Writer. Chief Digital & Healthcare Officer, Innovation Excellence.

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