Crafting Code Tour by PHP User Group

We are very excited to announce that the Crafting Code Tour is coming to Kansas City! Regardless if you spend your days in PHP, the Crafting code tour aims to bring you conference-style speakers and talks to help you improve your code.

Developers, Authors and acclaimed speakers Paul Jones and Brandon Savage will be stopping by to present on two great topics.

It Was Like That When I Got Here: Steps Toward Modernizing a Legacy Codebase

The codebase at work is absolutely terrible. Its a mess of spaghetti that has been around for years and is and completely untestable. Any time you fix a bug over here, a new bug appears over there. In this talk, Paul explains how the code got to be so bad, and gives practical steps on how you can start paying off the technical debt you inherited with your legacy application, all while keeping the system running the whole time.

Your code sucks! Five tools for evaluating the quality of your code

You know you want to write great code, but how do you know what great code looks like? Using these tools, you’ll be able to figure out exactly what areas of your application are great, and which could use the most improvement. Plus, learn how to apply these tools on a daily basis in your development, automatically!

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Be sure to read more about the talks and the speakers on their event page for Kansas City!

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