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The 'Three-Legged Stool' Theory of Building a Business

Have you ever built a stool? The reality for most of us is no. Long gone are the days of mandatory shop class in high school. So, do me a favor, and visualize this mentally. You're building a stool. You've got one leg on, you've just fiddled the second one in, and you're preparing to add the last leg. Seems simple enough, right? Now add the fact that you're doing this on a train going 100 miles an hour. Not so easy anymore. And, frankly, a little insane.

Amanda Schnieders on November 20, 2014
'The Art of Startup Finance' Illustrates How To Properly Pay Attention to the Numbers Behind Your Business

It may surprise you to learn that your financials should not be left to a bookkeeper alone. In order to understand a business and avoid making mistakes, you must understand the numbers that drive the important metrics--cash flow and revenue--that fuel your venture.

Amanda Schnieders on October 29, 2014
Three Activities to Test Whether You're Picking The Right Marketing Tactics

If you've visited Kauffman Founders School to view the video lectures we post each and every week, we're glad you've joined us! We've been lucky to work with incredibly knowledgeable experts, and to meet hard-working, and inspirational entrepreneurs who are tackling challenges every day.

Wendy Torrance on October 22, 2014
How to Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Customers

Sending an email is like the proverbial handshake. You greet, you affirm, and you grow a relationship. You don't just sell to faceless entities in a sea of humanity. You sell to individual people whom you have touched before. It's called relationship marketing.

Neil Patel on October 16, 2014
Smoothing Out the Sales Funnel for More Customer Conversions

One of the foundational marketing theories has to do with the purchase funnel, also known as the conversion funnel, or sales funnel. Every customer goes through a process that eventually leads them to purchase the product or service. It starts broad, and ends specifically--thus the term "funnel".

Neil Patel on October 07, 2014
Why Email Marketing Still Trumps Social Media

Email marketing is one of the oldest, most basic, and yet the most powerful forms of digital marketing available today. The marketing world has gone crazy over social media--with good cause! Social media is an explosive method of marketing, reaching new fans in incredibly engaging ways. But in spite of social media's viral potential, email still wins as the most disruptive method to reach and woo your customers.

Neil Patel on October 02, 2014
New Module with Neil Patel Reveals Actionable Tips for Better Digital Marketing

So you've got an idea that provides a solution to a customer's migraine-worthy problem. Now what? Creating a marketing strategy can help you do everything from acquire customers, build brand awareness, and build credibility with potential investors. Our series on Entrepreneurial Marketing with Anita Newton builds a strong framework for how to think about the stages of your marketing plans. But building these plans requires building competency in search engine optimization, email marketing, and content marketing.

Wendy Torrance on September 24, 2014
Crafting A Compelling Vision That Entices Others To Follow You

Steve Blank's Founder Genius clip "Creating a Reality Distortion Field" reminds us that the ability to create a vision that compels others to join you, invest in you and buy from you is an acquired skill, and one that is critically important to your company.

Amanda Schnieders on September 17, 2014
When Should My Venture Start Thinking About Intellectual Property?

When Craig Wortmann, in his series "Entrepreneurial Selling", describes the entrepreneur, racing back and forth across the long side of a triangle, teetering on a teeny tiny point, trying not to tip over, something about the image rings so true. He so vividly describes: "as the entrepreneur you're running back and forth on the top, doing everything that has to be done-- from making the coffee to creating the product, to overseeing the sales, marketing, and communications.

Wendy Torrance on September 10, 2014
How Three Audacious Entrepreneurs Reimagined Age-Old Industries

We have interviewed dozens of accomplished entrepreneurs for our Founder Genius clips. We've talked with them about topics ranging from founding team dynamics, balancing the entrepreneurial life, sales and presentation strategies, and how they tackle the challenges of protecting intellectual property.

Wendy Torrance on September 05, 2014