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Challenges in Finding a Mentor, Creating a Mutually Beneficial Relationship Surface in Twitter Chat

A mentor can increase the success of your business or point out a flaw or upcoming hurdle for your venture. But finding the right mentor is not always an easy task. You need someone who cares about you and your business, but also brings an outlook and perspective that tells you the truth--even if you might not want to hear it.

on July 29, 2015
Ideation to Execution: Forget the Top Step, Worry About the Next Step

"Ideas are a dime a dozen," as the old adage goes. The hard part is what to do with an idea once you have it. Talking with more and more entrepreneurs, it's clear: execution is key.

on July 27, 2015
What You Should Know About Investors Before You Tackle Outside Capital

According to a recent Founders School poll, one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is funding. Sure, there's no surprise here. This obstacle often tops the charts in questions like these.

on July 17, 2015
[Twitter Chat] Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Mentor

There is one consistent asset all successful entrepreneurs have in common--a pivotal mentor. For every other resource that helps an entrepreneur turn their dream into a venture, a mentor who helps to make a connection, point out an unseen pivot or lend an intellectual ear is crucial and mandatory along the way.

on July 16, 2015
Lessons from 3 Founders in 5 Minutes

Every hill is a mountain when you're building a company. Each hurdle you encounter must be surmounted with all possible skill and force in order to come out on the other side a success--or even, still alive.

on July 14, 2015
Pitfalls in Hiring, Ways to Motivate a Team Arise in Twitter Chat

When you're building a company from nothing, you need to be aware of the skills and expertise you lack. This may seem like a heavy focus on the negative, but if you're not aware of your weaknesses, you won't know what type of people you need to bring onto your team in order to grow your venture.

on June 24, 2015
How Do You Build a Great Startup Team? Twitter Chat Looks for Answers

This week we're tackling the next topic in our #MillennialTreps Twitter Chats with the U.S. Small Business Administration--How do you build a great startup team?

on June 22, 2015
Millennials Twitter Chat Raises Questions of Credibility, Preparation and Hurdles When It Comes to Financing a Venture

Starting a business around a great idea can be an exciting option for a young person. But how do you go about getting the finance to accomplish such an undertaking? Millennials are coming out of college with more and more student loan debt, and little to no credibility to show financial lenders. Where can they turn?

on May 19, 2015
Can Leaders Be Vulnerable and Successful at the Same Time?

Despite the glamour that sometimes befalls an entrepreneur--after they've closed a round, amassed a high valuation, or exited a company--the road to getting there can be rough. The ups and downs of not only starting a company, but also managing to sustain it can get ugly at times.

on May 01, 2015
Three Mistakes 1 Million Cups Presenters Commonly Make

The 1 Million Cups Organizer Summit this week brought together organizers from over 30 states across the country--everywhere from Fargo, N.D. to Tampa, Fla. The summit allows for the organizers to discuss everything from how their community is growing (or not growing) to how they can better help the entrepreneurs they encounter. What stood out to me most was the common mistakes presenters make during their 1 Million Cups presentations.

on May 01, 2015