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— No events are scheduled at this time.  Please check back with us!

Kauffman Founder's School LIVE

The Kauffman Founders School taps the potential of online education, presenting a robust curriculum from which entrepreneurs can learn anywhere, anytime. Founders School LIVE brings our experts before a live audience, where they can engage participants in further discussion of lessons that will make a difference in what they do in their business today, tomorrow, and in the future. Join us in person, or via the internet, to learn more.

Upcoming Events:

No events are scheduled at this time. Please check back with us!

Past Events:

November 22, 2013 - 10am - noon central
Nathan Gold is an internationally known presentation coach who will teach you how to engage and captivate any audience whether 1 or 1,000 people. Entrepreneurs and business people will learn how to design and implement their own specific value statement. A brainstorming exercise will engage all participants in applying new knowledge to the discovery of more compelling ways to articulate the value of what they do and why they do it. Watch Nathan Gold's Presentation >

November 21, 2013 - 1-2:30pm central
Craig Wortmann, CEO & Founder of Sales Engine, will ask "How do work a room? Or a phone? How do you know when you are in a "sales" conversation? And once you are, how do you qualify potential customers and then handle their inevitable objections?" These are some of the most challenging skills and disciplines for entrepreneurs to tackle when they focus on selling.  Watch Craig Wortmann's Presentation >