Brad Feld on Denver

Brad Feld is one of the most influential thinkers in the entrepreneurial world. His success in building Techstars and the Foundry Group in Boulder, his books and enormously popular blog make him one of the most prominent voices for entrepreneurship in the country.

ID8 Nation sat down with Feld at the Foundry Group to get his take on Denver’s entrepreneurial growth, the relationship between Boulder and Denver, why government doesn’t have a clue about entrepreneurship and why entrepreneurship centers shouldn’t be located in business schools.

Listen as Brad Feld talks with ID8 Nation about Denver,Boulder and what it takes to build a successful startup ecosystem.

How Denver’s startup scene has changed

The relationship between Boulder and Denver

Why government should stay out of entrepreneurship

How universities get entrepreneurship wrong

What business schools don’t know about entrepreneurship

Why it’s important to welcome everyone

What Denver needs to take it to the next level

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