The Outlaw's Ball


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Dave Felker wears his outlaw status easily.

The tall, genial 55-year-old would fit in at any tournament, but his ball wouldn’t. He makes the Polara golf ball, a ball that will neither hook nor slice (most of the time). The ball is banned by the USGA, a sanction that does not bother Felker at all.

Most casual golfers have no problems bending the rules, he said, and a ball that flies straighter due to its irregular dimples ought to be no more of an affront to the game than oversized drivers and elongated putters.

Felker, a chemical engineer, went outlaw entrepreneur after designing legal balls for Callaway Golf. He talks about why USGA rules are inane, why Carlsbad is the Golf Capital of the World and what might force him to move his company to Arizona.



HQ: Carlsbad, CA

Year Founded: 2009

Employees: 11

Annual sales: $2 million

Growth in sales: 100% (projected)

Operations elsewhere: Employees in Montana and North Carolina. Sales reps in Colorado, Massachusetts, Florida, California and Texas

Outlets: Online as well as 900 stores in U.S. and Canada and distributors in Korea, Japan, UK and Germany.


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