Billionaire Boys Funds

The Billionaire Boys’ Funds

Yachts and pro sports teams are signs of success as an entrepreneur, but having your own VC fund? That’s the ultimate status symbol. Seattle has five such firms:

Bezos ExpeditionsAmazon founder Jeff Bezos. Invests in a variety of early-stage companies. Notable investments: MakerBot, Twitter, Airbnb, 37signals. Quirky projects: Buying the Washington Post; recovering the rocket engines from Apollo 11, building a 10,000-year clock inside a mountain in West Texas.

Vulcan CapitalMicrosoft co-founder Paul Allen. Invests in tech. Notable investments: DreamWorks, Redfin,, Gist.

Second Avenue PartnersNick Hanauer, early investor in Amazon, founder of and Avenue A Media. Invests in tech. Notable investments: Newsvine, FanNation, Qliance Medical Management. Notable failure:

MaveronStarbucks CEO Howard Schlutz. Funds early-stage consumer startups. Notable investments: eBay, Shutterfly,, Zulily.

Trilogy Partnership – John Stanton, former CEO of T-Mobile and Western Wireless and former COO of McCaw Cellular. Invests in wireless. Notable investments: PrePlay, Junxion.   

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