Welcome to ID8 Nation

Hello and welcome to ID8 Nation, a new channel about cities and the people who start businesses in them.

Entrepreneurship has become the elixir of economic recovery. Every city in the country has put out the welcome mat for entrepreneurs and claims at least the nucleus of a startup scene.

Of course, some cities are more successful than others. But why? Is it the result of low taxes and higher education? How important are a deep talent pool and an abundance of capital? Can government spur startups (should it?) Can one city’s formula for success be copied by another or does each city have to find its own secret sauce?

At ID8 Nation we think of entrepreneurial scenes as ecosystems – communities of living things in a complex set of relationships with nonliving components of their environment. Everything is interconnected and the variety, volume and interplay of the ecosystem’s elements determine what grows.

ID8 Nation is exploring cities entrepreneurial ecosystems to determine what grows in them and why. We’re going to tell the stories in a variety of mediums and voices, but primarily through the entrepreneurs who bring things to life in the ecosystem.

We chose Pittsburgh as the first issue because it has a good story to tell. A Rust Belt city that clawed its way out of the collapse of the steel industry and rebuilt a diversified economy. Its entrepreneurial scene, powered by Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, is vibrant, but the city is bumping up against problems, including a shortage of capital and management as well as the struggle every Midwestern city has to keep its best and brightest at home.

We hope those familiar with the Pittsburgh ecosystem will find their stories inside and those who don’t know the city will discover insights relevant to their own experiences.

Our next stop is San Diego.


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