Weekly Update from Build A Stronger America - Issue 19 - February 22, 2010

Kauffman Foundation, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

A Vision Beyond Virtual
Internet marketing news publisher ClickZ started from spare bedrooms, barter deals and a low-balance credit card. Founders Andy Bourland and Ann Handley weigh the pros and cons of a virtual company. Read the Article>>

Featured content from:Eship-fulllogo

What do you think it takes? Join supporters and members of the Entrepreneurs' Movement as they comment on what is needed to support new businesses. More than 30 people have mentioned "innovation" in their posts so far. Join the Discussion on BuildAStrongerAmerica.com.

More Insights from Economics Bloggers
Featured content from Growthology.org - The Wall Street Journal has an economists blogger survey that indicates respondents expect interest rates to hold steady throughout the summer and not rise above 1 percent the entire year. Read the blog post >>

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