Weekly Update, Issue 28, July 6, 2010

Kauffman Foundation, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation


Cut Foliage Entrepreneur Shares Her Story


Sutton Ferneries founder Michelle Sutton explains how every day when she drives into work and sees all the cars in the parking lot, she's reminded of the important responsibility she has to her staff of 100 and their families. Watch Sutton's story>>


How do you define your work and the value of being an entrepreneur? Tell us on BuildAStrongerAmerica.com>>

Entrepreneurial Stimulus Package Can Help U.S. Jobs Shortfall In an editorial for The Huffington Post last week, Robert Litan, vice president of research and policy at the Kauffman Foundation, made a case for the U.S. to focus on an entrepreneurial stimulus package to drive people to create new businesses that, in turn, will create new jobs. Litan notes, "Our entrepreneurial stimulus package can begin by leveraging money we already spend, including $90 billion in federal research funding that goes to U.S. universities every year...Some say universities' role is pure research, not its application. But universities aren't monasteries." Visit The Huffington Post>>

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