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The American Bar Association (ABA) website, available here, contains many valuable resources of assistance to lawyers desiring to thrive as entrepreneurs in the practice of law, as well as links to many more resources available through state and local bar associations.

For ABA links to resources for lawyers in diverse groups and types of practice, access the website here

For ABA resources and links to other resources of particular interest to lawyers in or considering the formation of solo and small law firms, including such topics as Cost Recovery, Start and Run a Law Firm, Technology, Insurance and Research Tools, among others, see the Resources page of the ABA’s General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division website.

Solo, Small Firm, and General Practice Division

Solo & Small Firm Resource Center

Start & Run a Law Firm

Legal Technology Resource Center

For a short article by Edith Ingram posted by the ABA Young Lawyer’s Division entitled “Let Your Business Plan Guide You -  What Every Entrepreneur Should Now, see the article here.

For interesting blogging in the ABA Journal’s Legal Rebels—Remaking the Profession series see the website here. See, for example, the Sam Glover Post under the heading “Lawyers Must Evolve or Face Extinction,” arguing that lawyers today “must think more like entrepreneurs,” and offering some ideas on creative approaches to the pricing and delivery of legal services, and the  Susan Cartier Liebel post under the heading “Solos’ Champion,” discussing solo law firm practice as “the ultimate expression of entrepreneurship”).

For links to state and local bar association resources, along with some commentary on the types and quality of resources available through such state and local bar association websites, see the General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division Resources-State and Local Bars webpage. See also The Missouri Bar’s Law Practice Management Online Center

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