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Bar Association Resources

The American Bar Association (ABA) website contains many valuable resources of assistance to lawyers desiring to thrive as entrepreneurs in the practice of law, as well as links to many more resources available through state and local bar associations. This section provides links to ABA references/links to various resources provided by bar associations across the United States and some ABA-posted articles on business aspects of the legal profession.

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Law School Courses

Many law schools in the United States offer their students courses designed to help them succeed as entrepreneurs in the practice of law. These range from basic “Law Practice (or Office or Firm) Management” courses introducing students to the basic business concepts involved in starting and maintaining a law firm, to courses with more express emphasis on creative business planning, incorporating entrepreneurial principles into the shaping of innovations in the delivery and marketing of legal services and the effective use of modern technology. The following are links to a wide range of course descriptions posted on the websites of several U.S. law schools relating to lawyers acting as entrepreneurs in the practice of law.

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