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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Economic Bloggers

Mark Marich


Earlier this year, the Kauffman Foundation played host to a collection of economic bloggers for an open discussion on the economic meltdown occurring at the time. Now, the Foundation has released a video that shares the insights of some of the country's most widely-read economic bloggers.

Economic Bloggers and the Renewal of Entrepreneurial Capitalism , offers the experts' perspectives on the business of blogging, traces the steps leading to the economic meltdown, and gives their views on the role innovation and entrepreneurship will play to lift the global economy out of recession.

"The people that are blogging are part journalist, part economist, part agitator, and we're seeing a whole new art form, if you will, develop right before our very eyes," says Robert E. Litan, vice president of Research and Policy at the Kauffman Foundation and an author of the Kauffman Foundation's economic blog,

"One of the things that Kauffman likes to do is feature the entrepreneurial developments that are shaping or reshaping our world. And certainly in the area of ideas, in the discussion of the economics of the day, policymaking and so forth, the writings of the economic bloggers have really taken off. We wanted to explore that phenomenon."

Hosted by Tim Kane (pictured above), senior fellow in Research and Policy at the Kauffman Foundation and an author of, the 20-minute video features a diverse group of writers whose wide-ranging intellectual and political vantage points were recorded during the first-ever Economics Bloggers Forum hosted earlier this year by the Kauffman Foundation. The piece highlights some of America's top economics bloggers, including professional and academic economists and journalists who have built loyal Web audiences by offering in-depth economic analysis and provocative commentary.

Seventeen bloggers are featured in the video, including Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution, Mark Thoma of the Economist's View, Business Week's Michael Mandel for World Economy Blog, and technology journalist Robert X. Cringely of I, Cringely.
In addition to sitting down for the video interview segments, the bloggers responded to the Kauffman Economic Bloggers Survey, revealing that they believe entrepreneurship will play a key role in repairing the U.S. economy, and that innovation and job creation--the crux of entrepreneurship--are viewed as vitally important to the issue.

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