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A Smarter World by Startups

Mark Marich

As the world celebrates another Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Huffington Post features an essay today by Jonathan Ortmans that provides a glimpse at what that will look like.

In ‘A Smarter World by Startups,’ he also points to a global increase for the impact of entrepreneurship and the race that countries are engaged in to develop their entrepreneurial ecosystems and create a policy environment to remove the barriers to starting a firm. But beyond the job creation, Ortmans considers the innovations pushed by startups help create a better—and smarter—world.

“But today, on the eve of world’s largest celebration of the promise of human endeavor, I feel nothing but hope. Yes, there are parts of our worlds that are receding or even collapsing, but there are far more new ways of doing things that are going to scale.”

Read the full essay on the Huffington Post here.

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