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All Eyes on the Doers and Makers of Things

Jonathan Ortmans

Today marks the official opening of Global Entrepreneurship Week, now celebrated in 131 countries. Throughout this week, roughly 25,000 partner organizations will be actively engaged in holding 35,000 events, activities and competitions--engaging more than 7 million participants and equipping them with the skills and connections to take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey. But GEW is more than just a celebration, it is attracting new talent to the field and supplementing grassroots startup energy with top down endorsements that legitimize entrepreneurship.

The Huffington Post is featuring an essay from me today, “All Eyes on the Doers on Makers of Things” that outlines what GEW is all about and why entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, policymakers and startup champions all support it. For me, this is what it all boils down to:

Underlying these efforts is the ideal of building stronger startup ecosystems. And this is not a utopian dream. In fact, the phenomenon of democratization and globalization of entrepreneurship is strongest at the grassroots level, as the reach and scope of activities during Global Entrepreneurship Week clearly demonstrate… It is this commitment to leverage entrepreneurial minds that has allowed Global Entrepreneurship Week to become an increasingly stronger forum and springboard, not just for innovative ideas to flourish, but also for the building of startup ecosystems at the national level, and thereby a more entrepreneur-friendly global economy.

Read the full essay on Huffington Post.

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