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Bite it - and a Few Other Impulse Control Tips to Help You Succeed

Scott Halford

One sentence is all it took. It came down to a quick choice, and the one he chose probably wrecked his career.

Here's the scene. I watched a flight attendant pulled from a flight after he nastily snapped at my request to cool down the sauna-like airplane. He said, "Oh okay. I'll just add that to the list of everything else I seem to be doing by myself!" Other passengers looked on as the mad flight attendant came back for more after one of the eaves-dropping passengers commented that the airline was known for its rudeness. The flight attendant tersely retorted, "I heard that and I don't appreciate it one damn bit!" One of the passengers left the airplane to get "authorities" to come take this angry flight attendant to time-out. The mad purser could have simply said, "I'll work on it." Four simple, cool-headed words and he would have flown to Denver with us (probably doing nasty things to our cookies).

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