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Bloggers Say Innovation & Entrepreneurs Key to Job Creation

Mark Marich

What happens when you put a bunch of economics bloggers in the same room? A significant amount of discussion about speeding up the economic recovery process. Led by Growthology’s Tim Kane, a senior fellow at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, some of the country’s leading economics bloggers gathered in Kansas City for the Economics Bloggers Forum.

Following the Forum, the Kauffman Foundation released a survey outlining their opinions. The highlights from the survey include:

  • Two-thirds of the respondents reported that President Obama’s top economic priority should be fixing banks
  • 38 of the 39 respondents rated innovation as “very important” to the health of the U.S. economy
  • 60 percent of respondents consider a continued credit freeze will be likely to cause a major slowdown in technological innovation
  • 23 of the 39 respondents reported that government red tape is the biggest barrier to starting a new business
  • The majority of respondents reported that keeping health benefits and lower and simpler taxes would encourage more people to start businesses in America
  • Nearly 75 percent of respondents reported that small startup firms are very important to economic growth

Some participating bloggers... and their blogs (in no particular order), include:

Survey: "Kauffman Economics Bloggers Survey" by Tim Kane and Robert E. Litan

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