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Brookings’ Recommendations on American Competitiveness

Mark Marich

What can be done to revitalize the American economy? A group of scholars affiliated with the Brookings Institution recently offered some insights on the important issue of American competitiveness. Their broad categories of recommendations are tough to quibble with: Investing in Infrastructure, Investing in People, Investing in Ideas, and Investing in Green Transformation (well, maybe that last one isn't immune from debate).

Within these broad outlines, they present a host of interesting concepts and ideas such as:

  • Cutting traffic with congestion pricing fees and insurance prices linked to miles driven.
  • Creating a national health exchange plan for the self-employed and small business owners. This program would offer portable insurance via state-chartered insurance exchanges.
  • Investing in regional innovation clusters.
  • Using innovation prizes to stimulate investments and research in key national and global challenge areas like new learning technologies, agriculture in Africa, and new vaccines.

Report: "Strengthening American Competitiveness: Regaining our Competitive Edge," by Jason Bordoff, Lael Brainard, Carole McGiffert, and Isaac Sorkin.

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