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CEO's Clamoring for STEM Education

Mark Marich

A collection of 100 CEOs from prominent companies have come together to voice their concern about sluggish progress in the U.S. in the STEM education fields – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – and where that leaves the country in terms of national competitiveness. The compilation includes essays and insight from tech leaders like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Eric Schmidt of Google as well as leaders from a vast array of corporate giants like Cisco, Coca-Cola, Eli Lilly and Lockheed Martin.

100 CEO Leaders in STEM also includes a call to action for other corporate leaders – essentially, “like it or not, you have a job to do” and “if you are already doing it, you need to do more.”

Schmidt boils the issue down to the basics.

“Put simply, technology breakthroughs can’t happen without the scientists and engineers to make them. The challenge that society faces is to equip enough people, with the right skills and mindset, and to get them to work on the most important problems,” he said. “STEM education is the best way to ensure more people are devoted to technological advancement, more minds are turning, more parents are seeing their kids learn the skills they need to succeed in a new economy —and more kids are sitting in school dreaming up totally crazy ideas that just might change the world.”

Contributions from all 100 CEOs are available in a PDF version of the publication that was released at the 2013 STEM Solutions Summit, presented by U.S. News & World Report in Austin, TX.

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