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'Dream Big America' Increases Startup Exposure

Nate Olson

Last week we launched a brand new program for startup companies who had previously presented at 1 Million Cups, the Kauffman Foundation's weekly educational program that features two local startups presenting to the community over coffee. This new effort, launched with the folks at Dream Big America, will continue to put a spotlight on startup companies from throughout the country.

Dream Big America is the first radio program of its kind. The weekly program will be a regular feature on Doug Stephan's Good Day program. It will air each Tuesday at 9:10 a.m. EST and run for 30 minutes. During this time, listeners will hear pitches from three different startup companies and commentary from three experts in the entrepreneurial and startup space. After each show, listeners have 28 hours (to accommodate the four continental US time zones) to vote for their favorite startup of the week. At the end of each month, the weekly winners will compete against each other to win seed money, mentorship, resources and other assistance.

In just the second week of the show, we have already showcased six 1 Million Cups companies. These are companies that are typically less than three years old, and are looking to scale. We are an industry agnostic program, so we get to see some really cool innovations come out of the woodwork, from food and infrastructure to consumer products. 

MyEDmatch won the competition in the debut program of the Dream Big America show. Founder and CEO Alicia Herald will now present with the other weekly winners at the end of the month. Already, the support and exposure has been overwhelmingly positive for the company. Each week, this trend will continue with three new startups presenting their ideas to millions of Americans across the country.

Exposing America to the innovations, new products and services that these companies bring will hopefully change the trajectory of many of these companies and will allow them to reach audiences that they would never have had access to otherwise. Shining a positive light on these entrepreneurs is inspirational, and builds up companies rather than tearing them down. Entrepreneurship is always a journey, and Dream Big America is a way for startups across the country to accelerate their journeys.

1 Million Cups partnered with Dream Big America because we saw a tremendous opportunity to showcase amazing startups from across the country on a national platform. Early-stage, high-potential startups really can't get enough exposure and customers. We know that great ideas live everywhere. The next innovation that will completely change the world could be living right around the corner from you. Our goal with this partnership is to create a channel that will funnel amazingly talented entrepreneurs onto a national platform where America will vote to bring their favorite ideas to life.

So be sure to tune in every week and vote for your favorite startup. Let's reward the entrepreneurs that Dream Big!

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