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Energy Discovery-Innovation Institutes

Mark Marich

The quest for clean and green energy is generating a lot of interesting ideas and policy proposals. The latest comes from a group of researchers affiliated with the Brookings Institution that recommend the creation of a nationwide series of Energy-Discovery Innovation Institutes.

The institutes would serve as regional hubs for a network linking the nation’s best engineers, scientists, and facilities. Each hub would compete to receive Federal funds (up to $200 million per year) and would specialize around key theme or research focus, such as solar or wind power. Each hub would be located at a major university, a Federal lab, or a satellite research center. In addition to spurring regional development, the centers would be linked into a national network that would enhance collaboration and build important cross-sector partnerships.

Report: “Energy Discovery-Innovation Institutes: A Step Toward America’s Energy Sustainability" from the Brookings Institution.

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