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Entrepreneurs Forecast Economic Improvement in Next 6 Months

Mark Marich

If you ask an entrepreneur, the global economy is starting to perk up a bit. In the most recent ‘Global Entrepreneur Indicator’ survey, 62% experienced an increase in their net profits -- a 25% increase over the previous year -- while 57% added jobs since last surveyed.

When asked what they thought would happen in the near future, 78% predicted a further increase in the next 6 months. Similarly, 61% expect the economy -- both globally and regionally -- to improve in the same time period.

In the meantime, debt load remains fairly constant as entrepreneurs appear to be evenly distributed among increasing, maintaining or decreasing their current level of debt.

The Global Entrepreneur Indicator is a quarterly survey of the membership of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a membership-based non-profit with more 7,500 entrepreneurs across 38 countries. Each of these business owners have successfully founded a business with over US$1 million in revenue, with an average annual revenue of US$18.4 million. Collectively, these entrepreneurs employ more than 1.3 million workers and represent more than US$124 billion in global economic activity.

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