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Essays by Secretary Locke, Steve Blank Highlight 2011 Kauffman Thoughtbook

Mark Marich

A new essay by Steve Blank, who founded a series of successful high technology companies and now teaches entrepreneurship, outlines four different types of entrepreneurs—and identifies the tools and support they need to succeed.

“For budding entrepreneurs, the first order of business is to methodically think through which one of the four categories they want to be in. Once that decision has been reached, the proper tools can be selected, and the process of entrepreneurship can move ahead.” Blank goes on to define the types:

  • Small Business Entrepreneurs: Hard-Working and Adaptable
  • Scalable Startup Entrepreneurs: Born to Grow
  • Large Company Entrepreneurs: Innovate or Evaporate
  • Nonprofit Entrepreneurs: Driven to Make a Difference

The essay is an excerpt from the 2011 Kauffman Thoughtbook, the flagship publication from the Kauffman Foundation. The Thoughtbook tells the story of the Foundation through essays written by its associates and the influential thought leaders it works with to advance educational achievement and entrepreneurial success. The 2011 version also contains a contribution from U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke entitled Fostering the Conditions to Reinvigorate Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the United States. In it, Locke urges against complacency and indecision.

“What's certain is that, in these tough economic times, we can't simply continue to do what we've done in the past and cross our fingers that things will get better,” he said.

You can read these two essays along with the rest of the 2011 Thoughtbook in the following formats:

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