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Global Innovation Index 2008-2009

Mark Marich

INSEAD, Europe’s leading business school, has recently published the latest edition of its Global Innovation Index, which benchmarks the world’s most innovative economies.

Given the seemingly unending stream of glum economic news, it’s nice to share some good news. The US still ranks as the world’s most innovative economy when compared to 130 other countries... the question remains "for how long?" For now anyway, it is followed by (in rank order): Germany, Sweden, the UK, and Singapore.

The US ranking stemmed from the strong performance of its business sector on various measures of innovation. Since most of the report data comes from 2006 and 2007, it will be interesting to assess whether this strong performance persists in the face of the current economic downturn. The report also profiles several interesting national innovation experiments, such as Sweden’s public R&D investment effort, Finland’s distinctive innovation system, and Qatar’s new efforts to stimulate its information technology sector.

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