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Health Care Costs... Still a Problem

Mark Marich

Ask an entrepreneur what his most pressing concerns are and you'll hear 'the increasing cost of health care' somewhere at the top. And thyey aren't alone. The latest edition of the Kaiser Family Foundation's regular polls on American attitudes toward our health care system makes for depressing reading... yet, again.

The national survey finds, not surprisingly, that worries about the cost of health care are rising.

These concerns are prompting action, too. Fifty-three percent of respondents acknowledging skipping needed health care due to cost concerns. These fears are also creating much stronger political momentum in favor of health care reform. Sixty-two percent believe that our tough economic situation increases the need for health care reform. However, when asked to rank the importance of various issues, health care ranks 4th with 39% of respondents ranking it as a national concern.

Of course, the economy remains the top concern; it was cited by 71% of respondents.

Poll: 2009 Kaiser Health Tracking Poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation

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