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Hot New Student-Based Innovations

Mark Marich

The latest issue of The New York Times’ Education Life supplement contains an interesting look at the growth of entrepreneurship education on college campuses. As part of this article, Education Life also lists “23 Bright Ideas,” i.e., interesting inventions and innovations developed by current college students. Some these bright ideas include: gluten-free Play-Doh (known as Soy-Doh); an iPhone application that streams movie times, reviews, and maps to theaters; a new kind of electric motorcycle (the Uno); a fruit bowl that retards food spoilage; and an edible film that can be used to deliver oral vaccines to children. As these examples attest, the spirit of innovation is alive and well on America’s college campuses.

The article, “Students of Invention: 23 Bright Ideas,” appeared in the January 4, 2009 issue of The New York Times’ Education Life supplement.

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