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Is a Green Boom Coming?

Mark Marich

A recently released report explores how entrepreneurial small business are combating the recession, creating new jobs and economic growth, and tackling energy and environmental challenges through a technological and cultural revolution.

The report, Small Wonders, predicts that clean energy innovations will lead to a "green entrepreneurial boom," and that the credit for that boom will go to the seemingly countless number of budding start-ups, not the Fortune 500.

It quotes Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems and current venture capitalist as saying, "The best brains in the country are no longer working on the next pharmaceutical drug or the next Silicon Revolution. They want to work on energy." 

The report features over 100 examples of small businesses providing products and services that appeal to growing consumer demand.

“This is a decentralized world, jam-packed with businesses so diverseand so dynamic they are hard even to see, let alone track,” accordingto the publisher, the Center for Small Business and the Environment(CSBE).

CSBE offers some workable policy recommendations to support green entrepreneurship and the clean energy economy, such as improving small business access to stimulus funds at the state and federal levels.

The report is viewable online or downloadable in PDF format.

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