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Khan Academy Launches Entrepreneurship Series

Wendy Torrance

Wendy TorranceOur founder, Ewing Marion Kauffman, once said: "It's your right to be uncommon if you can. You seek opportunity to compete. You desire to take calculated risk, to dream, to build, yes, even to fail, and to succeed". He was talking to entrepreneurs: those people who create new ventures, building visions into reality. Indeed, entrepreneurs are uncommon in many ways. They create something from nothing. They see problems (and solutions) that others might not. They take personal and financial risks.

We all have something to learn from the stories that entrepreneurs can tell. This is why we have partnered with Khan Academy on a new online interview series released today, representing the first entrepreneurship content to be added to the Academy's vast collection of free online educational tutorials and learning resources. Entrepreneurs bring what they've learned together with a vision to create an entrepreneurial venture. Their insights can help us look at the world in a new light; understand how to persevere, and, ultimately, how to distinguish ourselves in any field of endeavor by identifying ways in which we can make unique contributions.

We have had the great fortune to be able to sit down with several fascinating entrepreneurs in recent months. In interviews with entrepreneurs who represent diverse industries, we asked questions such as: what are some of the traits that have served you well as an entrepreneur? How did you identify the problem your company solves? What was your inspiration? How do you think about failure? What did you learn in school that helped you? What did you learn along the way?

It is a great pleasure to share insights from these interviews, edited by our Matt Long and his team, through Khan Academy. Khan Academy, started by educator and entrepreneur Salman Khan in 2006, is a leading non-profit provider of online lessons. Khan Academy's library contains more than 4,500 videos on topics ranging from math and finance to physics, biology, and art history. Millions of people seek learning opportunities through Khan every month and it is an honor to contribute to Khan Academy's efforts to share knowledge and inspire innovators. This new series on entrepreneurship introduces insights to Khan Academy that will, as Sal Khan put it so well, illuminate "the subtle lessons that can't be conveyed in textbooks."

I hope that those who view the interviews in this series will learn something from these role models that will help them be "uncommon" in the future – to solve problems, build new solutions and technology, persevere, and be fearless in their endeavors.

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