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Meet eMed Guest Editor Zen Chu

Christina Hernandez Sherwood, eMed Editor, MedCity News

We've handed the keys of eMed over to Zen Chu and the team at H@cking Medicine.

Zen and his team are the hosts of the Boston leg of the Kauffman Foundation's Energizing Health Collaboration Series, a six-part series of events that will empower entrepreneurs to better succeed in healthcare. Zen is an entrepreneur in residence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, managing director of Accelerated Medical Ventures, and faculty adviser for H@cking Medicine.

The Boston version of the Kauffman event is called Healthcare Grand H@ckfest (the "hackathon of all hackathons," if you will) and run from March 14-16.

Zen's vision for improving healthcare is a key part of the Boston conference. As eMed’s guest editor, you'll hear from Zen directly about some of the issues he and his team think are key for entrepreneurs, and get a window into what H@cking Medicine is all about. He'll also help pick the subjects of many of eMed's features, from our FAQs to some of our articles on entrepreneurs.

We hope you enjoy Zen's take on healthcare entrepreneurship.

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